Vintage Penn Peer

Posted in Penn Fishing Gear by Penn Fishing Gear on December 22, 2011

Vintage Penn Peer

Dad Types

Do you battle with concepts for a Father's Day gift? Does he already have enough sporting gear, grill accessories, and electronic gizmos to last him a lifetime? This year why don't you spoil him with a signature time piece that he'll always remember. But how do you know what kind of watch is ideal for your father? There are a few character types to consider as you are shopping.

The 1st, we are going to call "The Devoted Dad." This man is deeply involved in the day to day lives of his family. He helps with homework, takes on a day of the carpool, and knows all of his kids' chums. This kind of Dad could use a straightforward timepiece that will help him keep abreast of his youngsters and help them stay on schedule. An easy band and medium-sized vintage watches face would suit this sort of Pop the very best. He doesn't need anything too flashy, but appreciates any gift that his family has selected for him.

The second, we will call "The Guy's Guy." This Dad will be found out throwing a ball around with his children and grandkids, or maybe he's out coaching a little league. He most likely wears name-brand sports gear and likes to go camping. The ideal vintage watches for him will be functional and include masses of add-ons. Choose a timepiece that's got a stop-watch feature, is waterproof, and has a back-lighting option. This sort of rough-and-tumble Pa loves gizmos, and the more functions his watch can perform, the better.

Our 3rd group is "The Country Clubber." Is your Father a business man who works hard at his job and has to woo clients golfing and sailing? If this is so your pa is maybe a very well-dressed man who likes to show off his sophisticated style. Go for a watch with a vintage or custom home made band. Maybe add some pizzazz with diamonds or other valuable stones on the face of the watch. He is going to look and feel a bit like a king in his one-off timepiece hand made especially for him.

Whatever kind of Father you have, there's a watch that will suit him completely. Whether his style is sporty, straightforward, or flashy, you'll be able to find the perfect timepiece to show him that you truly care. This Father's Day step it up a notch and give him a special gift that will stand the test of time.

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