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Wind Conventional Penn

Savonius Wind Turbine At A Glance

Wind energy is one of the best options to our current energy crisis. One method to take advantage of the winds power is through a device called wind generator. A typical horizontal axis windmill needs an area of at least an acre and wind speed of not less than eleven miles per hour; a prerequisite most area doesn't usually meet. Even the device itself can be costly since conventional wind generator needs high towers to operate. One of the ideal options to typical wind generator is the savonius wind generator.

The savonius wind generator was developed by a Finnish engineer known as Sigurd J. Savonius in the 1920's. During that time, horizontal axis windmills were already widely used. But early conventional wind turbine designs were quite advanced and costly to arrange and maintain. The savonius wind generator became an ideal option. The system was adapted for applications such as water pumping and grain grinding.

The savonius design has several advantages over convention horizontal axis windmill. The design patented by Sigurd J. Savonius was one of the few vertical axis wind generator; also known as VAWT's. Due to its vertical axis, the system can function even at varying wind direction; a feature you won't find from conventional horizontal axis generators. Because the savonius design is effective even with low wind situation, the system doesn't require a tower or any other costly structure to keep it in place which greatly decreases its initial setup cost. And since the system is close to the ground, maintenance can be done effortlessly.

Because of the simplicity of the design, any DIY and alternative energy lover can create their own savonius wind generator at home. The material often used to create the scoops is made up of a single oil barrel cut lengthwise. The two halves are then joined at one end to create an "S" shape when viewed from the top. Because the design uses scoops instead of blades, the system can work quietly without waking up the neighbors. And because of the lack of long blades, it is harmless for birds that would pass close to the system.

However, due to the lack of blades of the savonius wind generator is also its disadvantage. The scoop system it uses to harness the winds energy has only half the efficiency of conventional generator resulting to much less energy generation. Although the system is short on efficiency, it still provides some fascinating function including the low profile style making it long lasting even with very strong winds. Most importantly, it lets you enjoy the benefits of the winds free energy all at a much less cost.

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